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Innocence Atlanta was founded as a campaign against child sex trafficking. It is under the guidance of its parent organization, Meet Justice, a nonprofit grassroots effort fighting to eradicate human trafficking and other social injustices. Innocence Atlanta specifically works to raise awareness in the Atlanta community about the realities of sex trafficking and the exploitation of underage children. The child sex trafficking trade is often viewed as an issue confined elsewhere around globe in the distant regions of southeast Asia and eastern Europe, yet it has become an increasingly rampant problem in the United States.

In recent years, many have come to identify the city of Atlanta as a hub for human trafficking within the US. Vulnerable individuals are coerced into sex slavery in trafficking rings throughout the Atlanta area and are forced on a daily basis to perform sexual acts. The harsh truth remains that every two minutes a child is sold as a sex slave. At young ages, children are victimized and exploited, sold into prostitution at the hands of ruthless pimps and traffickers.

Innocence Atlanta partners with other organizations in efforts to curb the growing number of child victims of sex trafficking. The campaign focuses on educating the community in hopes of inspiring individuals to use their unique talents in the fight against child sex exploitation. By providing the public with the necessary tools, information, and inspiration, Innocence Atlanta has worked relentlessly to ensure that such a horrifying reality can be changed and the precious innocence of our children can remain intact.

We encourage you to join our fight to preserve the innocence of children in our community and around the world.